Our Program

Sell or re-finance within 15-20 days with a full title policy. Avoid the hassle of a quiet title action.

Close Quicker

You want to sell or refinance your tax deed property now, not months from now.  Our system gets you to the closing table faster and easier than ever before.  Our attorneys and staff, together with our statewide search resources, allow us to review your tax deed in only 15-20 days.

The Process

Our thorough process is approved by Old Republic National Title Insurance Company.  We review the steps taken by the county tax collector and clerk to ensure that your tax deed was properly issued and isn’t open to challenge by previous owners and/or lienholders.  If your property qualifies, a Tax Deed Search Certificate can be issued allowing you to close the sale or refinance of your tax deed property with our sister title company or any other agent of Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and its partner, Attorneys’ Title Fund Services, LLC with full title insurance and no requirement for a quiet title action.  Our review is completed in less than 20 days, giving you the ability to close quicker and earn more!

If your property does not qualify, our attorneys are ready to file your quiet title action and expedite it to completion, averaging less than 60 days from the date of filing to the entry of the final judgment of quiet title.  Your initial review fee will be applied toward the fees and costs of the action when completed by Kristopher E. Fernandez, P.A.