How Does It Work?

You submit the information about your tax deed, together with your payment information, through the “ORDER” link on this website.  After its received, our review process begins.  If you property qualifies, a Tax Deed Search Certificate can be issued, for an additional fee, allowing you to proceed directly to closing on your sale or refinance with a full title policy – no quiet title action required.

How Long Does It Take For You to Issue a Certificate?

Our review process will be completed in less than 20 days.  If your property qualifies, a Tax Deed Search Certificate can be issued immediately upon receipt of the certification fee.

What If My Property Does Not Qualify?

If issuance are identified in the title history of the property or related to the tax deed sale itself, you will be notified in writing with a detailed explanation or the issue(s) and steps needed to address them.  If a quiet title action is needed our attorneys are ready to file your action and expedite it to completion, averaging less than 60 days from the date of filing to the entry of the final judgment of quiet title.  Your initial review fee will be applied toward the fees and costs of the action when completed by Kristopher E. Fernandez, P.A., resulting in no additional cost to you than if you had initially filed the quiet title action.

How Will I Know If My Property Qualifies?

If you property qualifies, you will receive an email detailing the results of the review and providing you with the additional steps necessary to submit your payment for issuance of the Tax Deed Search Certificate.  The payment for the TDSC can also be made by credit card, for the convenience of our investors.