Wendy S. Ballard

Formerly Wendy S. Heagey

Wendy is our Senior Title Examiner.  She has been a paralegal since 1986, working exclusively in the area of real estate law, with an emphasis on title issues and insurance.  Since 2008, Wendy’s sole area of focus has been title related to tax deed sales.  Wendy has reviewed thousands of title search reports, ownership and encumbrance reports, and clerk’s documents, making her intimately familiar with the documents required in order to conduct a thorough, efficient, and accurate review to confirm the validity of a tax deed sale.  She has been called to present on-site seminars to title examiners and underwriters for Attorney’s Title Insurance Fund on the issue of statutory requirements of notice prior to the tax deed sale, as well as the effect of the issuance of the tax deed on ownership and lien interest on the property, as these issues relate to title insurance.